Testimonial videos are the type of video that every company should have in their video marketing library.

But it can be tricky to get some really good quality content out of the folks you interview–maybe because they’re not comfortable on camera, or they don’t know what to say, etc.

Well fret not, because we got some great tips on how to start creating better testimonial videos for your business. Watch the video below!

Make your questions open-ended

“Did you enjoy the experience of working with us?”


Not exactly compelling content right there. We can shoot ourselves in the foot when we’re creating testimonial videos by asking yes or no questions, because that doesn’t leave the customer any room for them to explain the “why”.

The solution is to start asking open-ended questions to get them talking more:

“You said you enjoyed the experience of working with us. What was it specifically that you enjoyed the most?”

Much better. Now the customer has the freedom to open up and share their thoughts on-camera, giving you some great, authentic content for your next testimonial video.

Ask follow-up questions

Don’t just ask your question and move on, keep the conversation going with some follow-up questions. Sure, your customer may have just given a great response to your question, but they may have even better stuff to share that you can bring to the surface by asking some follow-ups.

“What else did you enjoy about the experience of working with us?”

“You said you liked how personal we were, can you tell me more about why that mattered to you so much?”

You can be prepared by having a couple follow-up questions written out beforehand that correspond to your main questions. But if you don’t have any prepared, if you think of any during the interview, ask away!

Silence can be golden

The temptation when you’re interviewing a customer can be to blast through your questions–especially if you’re filming multiple videos in one day. This might sound efficient, but you could actually be missing out on some great content that your customer still has to share.

The trick here is to use the art of…silence.

Before jumping to the next question, give a full 5 seconds or so of breathing room. It’s possible your customer needs some time to think, so give them that time to formulate their thoughts. Or they may have a spur-of-the-moment thought to share during that silence. You’d miss it if you hurried on to the next question, so don’t be afraid to be silent.

Have them re-state the question

When you’re asking your interview questions, it can be helpful to have your customer re-state the original questions as a statement. For one, if provides a good frame of reference for your customer, but can also help during editing if you or your video editor have to dig through lots of footage. Having that extra context can save time in the long-run.

Do as much research as possible

You really want to understand your customer in order to ask the best questions. A great way to do this is to research them before the interview. Study their brand, find out who everyone is on their team, research who their customers are. As you’re doing research, you’ll develop more of a familiarity that you can take with you into interview. You’ll feel like you’re talking to someone you know, rather than a total stranger. Plus, you may find some ideas for interview questions that you haven’t thought of before.

Did you enjoy this article? Scratch that–what did you enjoy most about this article?

See what we did there? Start asking better questions and using these other great tips, and you’ll be creating more impactful and engaging testimonial videos in no time.

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