In 2019, it’s estimated 85% of all US internet traffic will be people watching video. We’re at the point where if someone interacts with your company online, and they don’t see video… it feels like somethings missing!

How exactly do you go about building out a library of marketing videos for your business?

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be.

It all starts by understanding how video fits into your sales funnel. You ready to increase your conversions 10X? Then watch this video!

Download: 21 Types of Videos Mapped to the Sales Funnel

What’s Inside This Video:

– 0:45 – Our 5 Stage Sales Funnel and How to Use it.
– 2:25 – Videos You can Make in the Awareness Stage of Sales.
– 4:34 – Videos You can Make in the Consideration Stage of Sales.
– 6:08 – Videos You can Make in the Decision Stage of Sales.
– 7:06 – Videos You can Make in the Support Stage of Sales.
– 8:18 – Videos You can Make in the Retention Stage of Sales.

As a video and tech advisor at Your Local Studio, I help my clients figure out how to get the most from their video marketing efforts. So, I want to share a few tips that we suggest to all of our clients with you.

Definitely recommend watching the video above for all the details, but for a recap, read on!

Here’s 2 things to know before creating a video marketing library.

Video Marketing and the sales funnel

There’s numerous “sales funnel” examples out there. At Your Local Studio, we use the 5-Stage version, which consists of Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Support, and Retention. Technically it’s 3 before the sale, and we include 2 post-sale stages. You may be familiar with this concept, but if not, here’s a refresher on what each stage is:

  • Awareness: The just found out about your company.
  • Consideration: They’re comparing you against your competitors, but not quite ready to buy yet. They’re just getting some ideas.
  • Decision: They like you and are leaning towards buying from you, but they have a few questions they need answered first.
  • Support: Help answer any questions or solve any of their problems now that they’re a new client.
  • Retention: Keep ‘em coming back and turn them into raving fans!

Video types for each stage

Each stage can benefit from different marketing videos, and you don’t want to use the same type of video in every stage. Here’s a helpful breakdown on what works for each stage:

  • Awareness: Entertaining or educational videos work best here. Avoid being “salesy”.
  • Consideration: Let them know more about your company! Company overview videos, team profiles, or case studies can work great for this stage. Showcase how you are different and unique.
  • Decision: Time to help them make a choice. In-depth demonstration videos, FAQs, or product/service overview videos can help here. Use videos that eliminate all doubt or concern.
  • Support: FAQs, tutorial videos, or process videos can help eliminate specific pain points your new clients may have. You don’t want them asking for a refund! Added benefit, through automating answering these commonly asked questions, you save yourself a lot of time.
  • Retention: Regular video newsletters, entertaining videos, educational video, or video blogs (vLogs) can make your past customers and clients feel like you value them and keeps you top of mind.

Now, this may all sound a little overwhelming. You don’t need to create these video all at once, but rather, little by little, until you grow and expand your library. If you already have video content, look at what purpose the video serves, and how it fits into your sales funnel.

Then, you can figure out where your gaps are and start creating new content to fill them. This is all about conversion here. After all, video is great at converting your audience from one stage to the next. It’s a powerful tool!

Download: 21 Types of Videos Mapped to the Sales Funnel

What videos have you found to work best? Discovered any new types I didn’t cover? Share your thoughts! Follow Your Local Studio on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to get more video marketing tips.