Let me tell you this: making weekly videos sucks. But even though it’s rough, we won’t stop doing it! Want to know why? Because consistency is the biggest secret of making video content marketing!

In our last “Video Tip Series” episode we told you why you should go live and also why you would pick YouTube live features over Facebook for your company. Today we dig into answering another big question: Why should we go and keep making video content for our company?

At Your Local Studio we are always creating and testing video content marketing series and believe me, while it’s a non-stop activity and takes some time and effort, it brings results! If you wanna know why we recommend this, watch the video below.

So, again we want to tell you this: the big secret to doing video content marketing (or really any content marketing) is pretty simple, and it’s called consistency. Consistency is everything.

If you look at big brands like Apple, Microsoft, also Home Depot they publish videos weekly, daily and sometimes even more than one in a day! Also take a look at some major influencers: Marie Forleo Gary V, Pat Flynn, Moz, Marcus Sheridan. What do they have all in common? They’re consistently churning out a high volume of new content! They create videos weekly and sometimes also daily.

And then you might be thinking: Ok, but do I need to do that? Does my business actually need that? This is a time when customers and clients are looking to businesses as a channel. And they’re looking for entertainment and educational content. What do you have to offer to them as a brand in terms of content? Have you thought about this?

Of course these players we’ve mentioned don’t always create amazing videos. But imagine you decide “Ok, I’ll do this” and then you go ahead and create one mind blowing video. Lots of views and engagement. But you don’t keep on adding new content, new videos. Does that really help your business? Not really: consistency is everything.

What kind of videos can you create as a brand? There’s an endless list of examples you can create: webcasts, webinars, product demonstrations videos, culture videos, tutorials, educational videos series, interview your customers or employees, among others!

The key is consistency. What could consistency look like for you? Maybe it’s weekly, maybe it’s monthly, or quarterly. What can you afford (both time and resources) to do on a consist basis? The more frequent you are, the more likely you can get in front of your clients and customers. There’s so much video content online, than the more you appear with your content, the better.

To be consistent in publishing, you don’t always have to be recording “new” content though. One tactic is reposting old video content. Or another is to take pieces from a full length video and share shorter “social media” clips that point back to the full version. Get creative! Shoot once, but create many videos from one piece of content.

But my question to you is: How will you stay consistent? What’s your strategy? And then you also will have to think on how can you create content so it’s quick, simple and affordable to keep doing it over the time.

One way to keep it efficient and affordable is how you record it – we absolutely recommend to create video content in batches. So again, I would like to make you think about it and tell us: what is your video content strategy to maintain consistency, to continue sharing valuable, educational content with your customers?

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