Video: Scaling Communication

How do you communicate with your employees and investors in the most effective and scalable way possible?

Jenn Hart, the Marketing Communications Lead at Tredegar Corporation, wrestled with this problem as the company sought to find the best way to send a message about their product line.

“It was very important for us to have an electronic message,” Jenn told us.

Finding the right medium

Jenn knew email wasn’t the right option. Most inboxes are cluttered enough already, and she didn’t think it was worth the effort if their message was going to end up in someone’s digital trash can.


That’s when the idea for a video came up.

“We felt like this was the right way to go,” Jenn said. “We felt like we’d be able to touch a lot more people on many different platforms.”

Their plans for reaching their audience base included a YouTube channel, and the front page of their website, so video seemed like the most obvious option–and the wisest investment of resources.

Except there was one more problem…

Making the boring exciting

Tredegar’s products can be found in plenty of consumer-level items–such as diapers, and even the screens in our devices. But products like these aren’t the stuff you’d find in the trending section of a social platform.

“While it is very sexy to us and we get excited about it, those are not things people normally talk about,” she said. 

Jenn reached out to Your Local Studio for help to create not just an informative video, but an engaging and exciting one. 

With the help of Your Local Studio, Tredegar published 2 cinematic videos showcasing their essential products in an exciting way. They updated their website with the new video, and their site came alive, thanks to the custom animations that Your Local Studio created. 

We enjoyed helping Tredegar reach their audience in an engaging way, and are delighted to be their go-to resource going forward.

If you believe video is the medium you need to share your message, give us a call. We’d be delighted to partner with you to make a meaningful difference!