Here’s the story:

Launching the Learning Series – Details

At EpicRealm we have experience and expertise in one area:  video.  But we, like every business,  need to continue to learn much more to run a successful business.

So, to continue learning and add value to the business community and our clients, we thought we’d try something new – A Learning Series.

To continue learning it has to be a simple experience – so we’ve set up an online opportunity.  Viewers can watch and ask questions of an industry expert as they present  in one of three areas:

  • Promoting your Businessmarketing and sales
  • Making Money Onlinethe use of  informational products for online sales
  • Saving Timeorganizational efficiency in business (“Time is Money”)

AND – each presentation is free!

Just to be clear – there is no telephone involved, just internet connection & your computer.  This is not a webinar.  There is no software to download.  You’ll see a real person – in real time – really presenting…

Each expert will spend 40-50 minutes presenting, and as you watch you can submit your own questions via chat or tweet.

Our first presentation is on Wednesday, February 29th – 12:00 noon.

“Developing Your Differentiation” – under the category Promoting your Business/Marketing

Click HERE for more info on upcoming sessions