Want to make better marketing videos?

Of course you do. Did you know there are a few secrets out there that you can implement right now that will make your marketing videos better?

We’ve found 4 secrets to help you level up your business videos.

1. Know your story structure

Story structures–they’re not just for Hollywood movies! Storytelling is like a universal language, so you should learn how to leverage the power of storytelling in your videos. There’s multiple structures out there, but the one that’s the most common is the Hero’s Journey.

Check out this video for a more detailed breakdown on the Hero’s Journey and how you can start applying it to your marketing videos:

2. Make them feel something

Do you want viewers to really engage with your business videos, and ultimately take action?

There’s a secret you might not be utilizing–emotion. That’s right, you want viewers to not just watch your video, but to feel something after watching your video. One of the most common choices is humor–you’ve probably seen your fair share of funny marketing videos. If you’re having trouble thinking of what emotion to use for your video, you can always make ‘em laugh!

Check out our video on how to make your audience feel something:

3. Make boring facts exciting

Let’s be honest. To the average person, hearing complex data and numbers is about as exciting as watching paint dry. So unless you’re into that kind of thing, creating marketing videos that feature number and data sets probably won’t get a whole lot of engagement.

But maybe you do have something data specific to share around your industry, your audience, or maybe your product. How do you feature that data in videos in such a way that they’re not…well, boring?

The answer to this problem, is to turn data into stories! One way to turn your data into a story is it humanize it. Meaning, focus on showcasing how the data actually affects people. Show how your product improves the lives of your customers.

Check out our video for some more tips on turning data into stores:

4. Ask better questions

Testimonial videos are the type of video that every company should have in their video marketing library. But it can be tricky to get some really good quality content out of the folks you interview–maybe because they’re not comfortable on camera, or they don’t know what to say, etc.

The solution is to start asking open-ended questions to get them talking more:

“You said you enjoyed the experience of working with us. What was it specifically that you enjoyed the most?”

Now the customer has the freedom to open up and share their thoughts on-camera, giving you some great, authentic content for your next testimonial video.

Watch our video on tips for asking better questions:

Making better business videos doesn’t have to be hard. It just requires understanding your audience, what resonates with them, and your willingness to make some changes along the way. Start using these 4 secrets to make better business videos that engage your target audience!

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Kevin Kolbe is an online video marketing specialist, producer, storyteller, and creative dude who head’s up Kevin Kolbe Media, LLC. Find out more: https://kevinkolbe.com/