How do you get that “gold take” on camera? What things can you do to ensure the talent is giving you, the video producer, what you’re looking for?

We recently got the chance to chat with Alex Schwindt about this. Alex is an award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer with over 18 years of experience partnering with organizations to tell powerful stories that build strong customer connections and engagement.

We talked about some other good stuff, including:

  • A few practices when it comes to interviewing someone who’s going to be on camera.
  • Alex’s go-to interview questions.
  • Different approaches if the subject is professional talent.
  • How Alex defines a great take.
  • How he handles someone who’s really uncomfortable on camera.
  • Things you can do in pre-production to better prepare for a great take.
  • And more!

“ If you want to get a good interview, you have to have a good command of story” – Alex Schwindt

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Special thanks to our co-host Kevin Kolbe with Kevin Kolbe Media! Kevin is a digital media specialist, producer, storyteller, and creative dude. He’s been in the media and marketing world for over 30+ years, working for radio and TV stations affiliated with FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and The CW. 

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