Ever wondered what goes into making a marketing video?  Well – we’re doing a series of five Webcasts on the in-and-outs about making a marketing video. They’re all about what do we do here at Your Local Studio. 

The webcasts will be once-a-month – starting at the end of March – March 28th.  

Evan and Alex are going to host the webcasts, with snippets of recorded video from experts in each area.

I’m sure it’ll have their usual humor – so don’t be drinking your coffee while you watch, or you run the risk of snorting it all over your keyboard. 

Pre-Production Webcast

The first webcast on March 28th is on the pre-production aspects of a marketing video covering (but not limited to)

  •  a creative brief
  • a video script
  • AV script
  • storyboard – when & why
  • choosing talent
  • doing a table read
  • choosing a video team
  • choosing equipment
  • choosing location

 If you’ve ever wondered what goes into making a marketing video here at Your Local Studio this series will open your eyes to the process!

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Each of the five Webcasts will be recorded. We’ll be going really deep into each topic. These webcasts will be filled with nitty-gritty details about what works and what doesn’t work.

Each webcast will be more than an hour in length, with Evan and Alex discussing each aspect, and playing snippets of pre-recorded video from experts in each area. They’ll be covering the best practices of every area, as we’ve learned in more than five years of operation here at Your Local Studio.

The 5 Webcasts on Making a Marketing Video are:

  • Pre-Production – March 28, 2017
  • Production/Recording of a Marketing Video – April 25, 2017
  • Post Production/Editing – May 30 , 2017
  • Distribution/Sharing your Marketing Video – June 27, 2017
  • Strategy in making a Marketing Video – July 25, 2017

We invite you to ask questions – email us at Team@YourLocalStudio.com – with the headline, “Question for Webcast”.

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We look forward to sharing all this info with you! G0 ahead and invite others!