If you know the questions your customers are asking – you have the key to a treasure chest!

What’s in that treasure chest?

It’s filled with new business.


You own “The Best Banana Company”.  You sell great bananas. What’s the content on your website?…  “Our bananas are the very best anyone has ever eaten.”

Are people searching for the best bananas?   Maybe.  Maybe not. If people are looking to eat something healthy – they don’t necessarily think of eating one of your bananas.

So here’s what your customers do when they’re hungry and want a healthy snack.  They go to the internet and put “what is a healthy, nutritious snack?” into that little search box. Will “the Best Banana Company” show up in the list of options?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

How can you ensure your Best Bananas are what customers find when they’re hungry for a healthy snack?

You have blog posts or vLogs, on ‘The Best Banana Smoothie Ever’ or ‘Top 5 Healthy Banana Muffin Recipes’. Or you’ve created dedicated pages with short, simple and to-the-point FAQ videos on ‘What are nutritious breakfast options?’   or ‘What are quick and simple snacks kids love?’

The Best Banana Company now has a great online presence and will be found by hungry customers.

Want to meet your customers’ needs?

Answer their questions and let them know you exist.

Remember, people aren’t necessarily searching for your product, they’re searching for the result your product provides.

Take the time to find out what questions your customers are asking – then answer those questions in a blog post/vLog or on a dedicated FAQ page.  Then the next time they’re searching for an answer to their question, you’ll show up in the search results.

This strategy could lead to a lot of new business.