Summer Fun and Video Equipment – what’s up with that? While Christmas is widely known as the “most wonderful time of the year”, to many, summertime is a pretty close second; and since summertime is now upon us, that means road trips, or for some, “daycations” to the mountains or the beach for some summer fun.

Summer also means you’ll be slinging your camera and video equipment around to catch those precious moments with family and friends.

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Vacationers come up with long lists of things to take care of in preparation for a summertime trip, and the care of your video equipment is very important so that it is in tip top shape when you need to use it to capture a picture or a precious video moment.

Here are just a few “TLC Tips” we’ve come across to keep your equipment operating at its peak during the summer fun:

  • Avoid Condensation. Yes…avoid this at all costs! Just getting a few drops of condensation inside your equipment can cause distortion of images; short circuits and if water droplets dry on the glass lens it can result in mildew or fungus that can’t be cleaned very easily. Now, if condensation does occur, use a clean, dry cloth to clean it out and then place it in a dry ventilated area.
  • Cover your camera when not in use. Since most cameras operate in a specific temperature range, if you’re not going to be using it for a while, wrap it in a dry white towel to keep it cool and prevent condensation (did we mention how bad condensation is!) And if you’re at the beach, it will do great under one of those beach umbrellas!
  • “Give it its own home!” Instead of leaving it out in the open, why not invest in a water repellent camera bag? It will shield your gear from the sun and keep it from getting wet or getting sand in it.
  • “Don’t rub it!” Speaking of sand, if sand gets in your camera’s lens, DON’T RUB IT! Use a blower (aka: can of compressed air) and a soft baby wipe to clean it out.
  • Toss a gel pack in your camera bag! Those small Silica gel packs that you get in shoe boxes and purses can be annoying, but to you camera, dropping a couple of them in your camera bag are a godsend as they will absorb moisture and keep your camera bag dry!

Although the tips from the referenced articles may appear to be directed at video equipment used on location shoots, the tips really apply to equipment used for any purpose.

The summer memories can last a lifetime, and having your equipment in tip top shape will make those memories all the more special!

Enjoy your summer fun!

If you post video from your vacations (or daycations) on social media – tag us! We’d love to see your videos as we’re making the video magic happen here at Your Local Studio! 

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