Does being in front of the camera seem scary?

Lots of our clients come into the studio feeling apprehensive.

Sometimes they’re concerned with:

  • what they’re wearing
  • how they’ll look on film
  • how they’ll sound
  • whether their voice will quiver
  • not sure what they’re going to say
  • the entire process – it’s unknown

I want to introduce you to Grace Thompson – Coach Grace at Lendor Consulting.

When Grace came into the studio to film 5-FAQ videos, she talked about her experience in a testimonial.  You can see her testimonial here.

Grace is an accomplished speaker, coach and consultant.

Talking with people – individuals or groups – comes naturally, and she’s able to share effectively no matter what the environment.  Her clients talk about her calm, confident and perceptive attitude.

But even Grace – accomplished speaker that she is –  felt a small amount of apprehension when she came in to film her videos.  Fortunately, by the time she was finished filming, all those concerns just melted away… she even said the experience was fun!

So don’t worry if you feel a bit apprehensive…

Our job at EpicRealm is to take the “scary” out of video!

Here’s how we do it:

  • you ‘ll have a script all ready to go – so you’ll know what to say
  • you’ll know what to wear, and even get some tips from a style expert
  • you’ll have a chance to get comfortable in the studio before you start filming
  • we have a teleprompter so you don’t have to memorize everything
  • we’ll film as many “takes” as necessary – to make sure you feel good about the end product
  • you’ll watch the editing process as your video comes together

At EpicRealm we’re committed to making your experience with video positive :



& affordable!

Take a look at Grace’s FAQ videos: