Have you ever wanted to create a marketing video, but didn’t know how?

Or did you lack the resources to do it?

If so, YouTube has heard your plea for help. Just recently, the popular web video platform, owned by Google, released a new smartphone app aimed at business owners to help them jump on the marketing video bandwagon.

And it doesn’t cost a dime (unless you want to pay to advertise it).

“YouTube Director” walks users through step-by-step instructions, while offering templates they can choose to create their video. Plus, the app lets you record voiceovers, add music, and edit the final video, all within the app.

Our own Alex Ferguson took the app for a test drive–watch the video below to hear his thoughts on it.

Great tool for small budgets

Overall, YouTube Director is a great tool for smaller businesses or the “solopreneur” who needs marketing videos to promote their business, but doesn’t have the budget or the equipment to do it themselves. Social Media Today described the app as YouTube’s way of “getting more brands to realize their potential to create compelling, resonant video content…”

If you’re a small business owner who doesn’t quite have the budget for making marketing videos, check out YouTube’s new app and explore all the video possibilities, right in your fingertips!


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