In August 2011 we were privileged to film Nancy Campbell – a licensed massage and body work therapist – in the EpicRealm studio.  We had a blast!

Following filming her profile video she talked about how making a video makes you feel like you’re a “big wig” and “run with the big dogs”! See her testimonial:

Nancy is trained in a variety of modalities, and certified in Medical Massage.

She’s also known as “The Headache Slayer”!

(awesome title, huh?) Her tag line is: “Nobody deserves to be in pain!”.

When she’s not at the massage table, she enjoys her gardens and crafts. Other interests are hooping, fire performance arts, SCUBA diving, motorcycling, cooking, volunteering with the AMTA, and traveling.

Learn more about what the Headache Slayer offers at Nancy Campell’s website: