Do you need to create a strategy if you’re going to create video content? Can’t you just upload videos and hope people watch them?

I recently got the chance to chat with Krysta Masciale about this. She’s a seasoned brand strategist and thought leader on brand culture and communications. In her prior leadership role, she was the CEO of Los Angeles-based brand agency B!G DEAL BRANDING, which led the way in strategic design and messaging for both small, creative organizations and multi-billion-dollar corporations. 

The result of her work led her clients to experience an increase of revenue as high as 147% within six months of their rebrand. Krysta holds a B.A. in Integrated Marketing and Communications from Wichita State University and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University.

We talked about some other good stuff, including:

  • Why developing a video strategy is so important.
  • Where someone should start with creating a strategy.
  • How video fits into the other parts of an overall marketing strategy.
  • The key video metrics someone should be looking at to see if their strategy is successful.
  • And more!

“Not having a strategy can be pretty catastrophic for your brand” – Krysta Masciale

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