Do you want to convert more leads for your speaking business?

There’s 1 type of content out there that will help you do more of that right now.

Let someone else toot the horn

Whether you’re a seasoned speaker running your own speaker or a business owner who’s looking to grow their influence through speaking on the side, conversions matter.

In previous videos, we highlighted the importance of awareness, consideration, and decision. That last part is the most important though. Without conversions, you make no money.

So how to get them to move from considering you to choosing you?

One type of video content will help that process:

Testimonial videos.

These videos can tell meeting planners what they can expect from you, from another’s person’s perspective. It’s one thing to tell someone you’re an engaging speaker. It’s another to have someone else say it.

Testimonial videos can be so powerful. These are what moves someone from consideration to decision.

If you want to start creating testimonial videos, we created a video to walk you through the steps to make better testimonial videos that will get you results.

Make sure they’re targeted

Testimonial videos can be great if they’re targeted towards a specific audience or industry you want to focus on.

But they can backfire otherwise.

If you’re speaking at an automotive conference, but want to move into the marketing world, you don’t want to use a testimonial from someone that overly focused on the automotive industry.

You’ll want to pick and choose content from it that could function as a “generic” testimonial.

If you’re looking to get a library of great testimonial videos and professional footage of you speaking, we created a conference just for you. Show up, speak on-stage, and walk away with a library of video content. Check out to learn more.