What are the best marketing videos a law firm or individual lawyers could create to promote their business? How can you differentiate from all the other law firms out there?

Your approach, your values, your people, and your culture. These are the things that set you apart from the competition. What better to capture all of that than with video!

Ready to grow your law firm using the power of video? Then watch this video:

Download: 28-Point Checklist for Law Firm’s to Make Powerful Marketing Videos

As a video and tech advisor at Your Local Studio, I help my clients figure out how to get the most from their video marketing efforts. So, I want to share a few tips that we suggest to law firms we work with on what they should keep in mind.  Watch the video above to get all the details – for a recap, read on!

Keep in mind that every video’s purpose is different, depending on where a client is in the sales funnel. Check out this video we made explaining how video applies to the sales funnel, if you need a refresher.

Here are 5 of the best types of videos that work for law firms.

  1. Video Case Study: These videos show potential clients that you’re capable, and what makes you different. They also act as testimonials, meaning it shares that other people trusted you with their problem and it worked out. Case study videos can take a lot of time and resources, so you may only want to create 1 per year.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ videos can remove all questions that potential clients may have. They can be either broad in focus to cover industry topics or more specialized on how your particular law firm works. They are also great for automation (freeing up more of your own time  from answering the same questions over and over), and they set you apart as the trusted resource.
  3. Video Bios: These videos showcase your team. The content should be very personable and relatable, more geared to the consideration or decision stages in the sales funnel. Ideally start with the lead attorneys, but also include any other individuals your client may come in contact with – the more faces they get to see, the more approachable your company is.
  4. Company Overview Video: An overview video acts as introduction to your law firm, and should show off your people, product/service and even space (if it looks nice). You can actually reuse other videos you’ve created and add them in as part of the overview video (such as video bios, case studies or testimonials). A smart strategy is to create all the other videos first with the mindset of combining them into this final highlight piece.
  5. Service Overview Video: Last but not least, the service video does just what it says–it describes a particular service you offer. It’s designed to remove all concerns, and explain your exact process as well. Focus on the problem/pain-point your client is facing, then specifically address how your service will solve it. You could make an overview of multiple services in one video, but for higher conversions, break each service out into separate videos.

These 5 types of videos can help promote your law firm, and bring more potential clients your way. Some of these videos can be on-going and function as a series–like video bios or FAQs. You can start with a first video that acts as a template, and then make the rest identical in style and tone. This can save you a lot of time in the long run, and make the video creation process easier!

Ready to make these videos? Download: 28-Point Checklist for Law Firm’s to Make Powerful Marketing Videos

Are you a law firm that’s using marketing videos to promote your business? What videos have you been using and found have worked well? Feel free to share your comments, and don’t forget to check out Your Local Studio on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook for more great content!