What’s coming down the pipe for the video production world?

That was our topic of discussion on our most recent Video Tech Talk on Blab. We talked about new developments such as the coming arrival of 8k video, automated production processes, and the rise of 360 degree video.

Here’s a full breakdown of our discussion:

8k video

Automated production processes

  • Behold Automatic TV–the company responsible for AI-run video production. Certain cameras now are almost automatic–just set it up and it will auto-pan with a subject.
  • Or there’s SoloShot3, the personal robotic cameraman.
  • At the consumer level, we have the Kiba camera–a self-recording and self-editing camera for the home (we can’t decide if it’s cool or creepy).
  • Meet Mevo, the live event camera that lets you edit video on the fly.  

360 video going open source?

  • On April 12th, Facebook released a 360-degree camera, for creating VR content. To top it off, Facebook released the designs of the camera and the software running it free to the public.
  • Dr. Michael Capps, former President of Epic Games here in NC, said right now websites need to be optimized for desktop and mobile, but soon it will need to be Desktop, Mobile and “Immersive”.


The thing about the video industry is that it’s constantly changing. New technology is constantly being developed and released. While that reality might scare some, we’re excited to see what the near future of video holds.

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