If you’re looking to create the most effective type of video content for your business this year, then you’re probably considering exactly what kind of video content you need to get the best results.

You don’t want to just create videos willy-nilly. That’s wasted time and potentially wasted money. You want a strategy. You want a plan, a way of figuring out what videos are the best for your business right now.

So the question you might come to is…

….what’s the most effective type of video content?

It’s a good question to ask, one that video marketing company Vidyard asked in their report “Video Marketing Strategies for Success” last November. Vidyard, in partnership with Ascend 2, surveyed various business, sales, and marketing professionals on video marketing-related topics.

When asked “What are the most effective type of video content used?”, 52% of responders answered with “customer testimonials”, followed by “demonstration videos” and “Explainer/tutorial videos” tied with 51%.

This means that there are specific types of video content that are the most effective, and therefore, most worthy of your time and money to produce.

Customer Testimonials

There’s something about a satisfied customer sharing their experience with your company that resonates with potential customers. It’s compelling, authentic. It makes viewers lean in to get a better look and it’s one of the most effective type of video content.

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“Really? That guy had such-and-such a problem and that company came to his aid and saved the day? I might need to check them out…”

It’s so much more compelling than when a business tries to toot their own horn. Self promotion is a turn-off and it sounds fake, or even arrogant.

Having someone else explain why you’re so wonderful is why customer testimonials are so effective, and worth incorporating into your video marketing strategy. They provide a way to showcase what you can do for potential customers, without coming across as pushy.

customer testimonial video

Demonstration Videos

If you’re a business that sells a specific type of product or service, a demonstration video is valuable and a most effective type of video content. 

It provides your customers with an extra step: the answer to “what do I do now?

Since they came in second place in the survey, demonstration videos are seen by businesses and professionals as not only necessary–but effective. Think of the success of the online web series “Will it Blend?” by the company BlendTec who promote their blender, and you’ll see what I’m talking about (check it out below***).

You don’t want to leave your customers in the dark once they’ve purchased your product or service. They need you to come alongside them with video content that shows them what to do with what you just gave them.demonstration video

Explainer/Tutorial Videos

These are what we would commonly call “How-to videos”. They’re a step-by-step direction or explanation on a particular topic, usually in a sort of on-going series. But they’re immensely popular.

Tutorial videos provide your customers with an easy to follow guide to walk them through something. It gives them the sense that they can still figure it out for themselves, but with a little extra help from you.

Plus, since tutorial videos often apply to a broad audience, someone is bound to watch your video and get something out of it.

You can’t really lose creating this type of content, which is partially what makes them so effective. It also establishes you in the eyes of your audiences as the “go-to source” that they keep coming back to.

How to videos

Not all video content is equal.

Vidyard and Ascend 2’s report reveal to us that not all video content is equal. Some types of videos are more effective, or more difficult, than others.

But now that Vidyard did the work for you, you now have the insight you need to accurately map out your video marketing strategy to ensure that you’re not wasting any time or money making ineffective videos. You want to make the most effective type of video content!

What about you? Are there any other types of video content you would call effective? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you!

*** Take a look at the top 10″Will it Blend” videos. These videos are produced to promote a blender, the BlendTec. They’re looking for suggestions – what would you ask them to blend? 🙂

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