The value of going “Live” is growing, mostly because of the value of transparency. So when you think of Live, you probably think of Facebook, the king of social media platforms. But what would you say if we recommend you should go live on YouTube?

In our last episode of “Video Marketing Tips” we gave you some ideas on how NOT to create boring videos for your brand on YouTube. In this latest episode, we focus on using YouTube for live videos and why/when you should choose it instead of Facebook. Watch the video below to get to know the details:

At Your Local Studio we love getting to compare, analyze and come up with thoughts on how to make your marketing and educational videos rock! Our thing is leveraging your engagement and making the most of all the phases you go through when you actually create your videos.

So let’s open up the debate started by YouTuber Sean Cannell in Social Media Examiner. Are YouTube Live videos better than Facebook Live videos?

Let’s look at Facebook first. It truly is great for Live video! It’s a platform most people are already on regularly and puts you at the top of their feed. This gives a viewer that sense of urgency, connection and engagement. Top of the feed, that’s great! Right? Well, only for a few days. After the initial live feed and a day or so after with the recording, your live video essentially goes to the Facebook graveyard to die. No one sees it (unless they hunt for it or you reshare it).

Now, YouTube is basically a giant library of videos, a search engine itself. Even when it’s a live video, it works just the way a previously recorded/edited video on YouTube does for SEO purposes. Your video can consistently collect more views, comments and overall engagement from new viewers as you show up in peoples search results. We just wouldn’t recommend to “hang out” on YouTube live, but rather “Be brief, be bright, be fun, and be done” as Chalene Johnson says.

If you are really interested and want to dig into it more, there’s a great video from Tim Schmoyer with Video Creators on how you can use your phone or your desktop, how to set professional cameras, etc.

Take it to the next level – want to go live to both YouTube and Facebook? Checkout Vimeo for one way. They have a new paid feature where you can easily broadcast simultaneously to Facebook and YouTube. Of course, as we mentioned before, there’s a big difference on how to produce a video for each channel. But the possibility is there if you want to try it.

Have you ever gone Live on Facebook or YouTube? Which one works better for your business?

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