So you want to create videos for your business.

You’re probably thinking you need to invest a lot of money into a big, expensive camera and other gear.

What if we told you there’s a different option, and it won’t cost you anything?

The camera in your pocket

The truth is, you already have a professional camera in your pocket.

That’s right! We’re talking about your smartphone. Most smartphones these days have pretty impressive camera tech (just check out the iPhone 11 Pro!) and shoot in 4K resolution for maximum quality.

But can you create great-looking business videos using only your smartphone?

Absolutely! It’s so convenient and easy to use because you already take it with you. No need to lug a heavy camera bag around. There’s nothing stopping you from whipping out your phone and shooting your next video.

It’s all in how you use it

Maybe you’re balking at this. Professional films are shot on really expensive cameras–don’t you need similar stuff to create professional-looking business videos?

Nope. After all, cameras (whether it’s a DSLR or your phone) are just tools that capture light. That’s it.

And it’s all in how you use it.

Directors and filmmakers are starting to understand this. Steven Soderbergh created the feature film Unsane (starring Claire Foy of The Crown) entirely on iPhones! Indie film Tangerine won awards at film festivals a few years back. The cameras of choice? You guessed it–iPhones.

The average person can’t tell the difference between smartphone footage, and DSLR or cinema camera footage. Check out the video below and you be the judge on whether its “professional” or not.

The future of mobile video production

Recently, Apple released the iPhone 11 Pro, boasting not 1, but 3 rear cameras.

3 different lenses offering you 3 different options on angles. And to make things even better, the filming app Filmic Pro (in a forthcoming update)  will allow you to capture from 2 lenses at the same time.

That’s like having 3-4 cameras on a shoot but using only your iPhone. That’s incredible!

There’s nothing stopping you from creating great business videos right now. You don’t need to invest money in expensive gear. 

You can start right now with the camera you already have in your pocket.

We created a video course for people just like you, to walk you through step-by-step on creating business videos with your smartphone. Check it out here!