Are you creating content for LinkedIn?

If not, why not?

LinkedIn has become quite the hotbed for content, especially when it comes to video. With native upload capabilities, it’s easier than ever to connect with your audience directly.

While it’s good to focus on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, here are some reasons why you must start creating video content for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the place to be for B2B!

Unlike other social platforms, LinkedIn is purely B2B focused. This means, if your primary clientele is other businesses, you can’t afford not to be creating videos for LinkedIn!

In fact, the space is not very crowded on the platform. Sure, some businesses are uploading their videos, but compared to other social platforms, there’s not a whole lot of competition for users’ attention. This is a great opportunity for you to get your content noticed.

No cost, instant (ish) audience

Here’s the other great thing about LinkedIn–you have instant (ish) access to an audience. Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms can tend to feel more like a pay-to-play setup, whereas LinkedIn has yet to adopt that structure. 

Because of this, you can start creating content right now for an audience of businesses and business owners. Did you know that the LinkedIn platform is 277% better at generating leads than Facebook and Instagram? Now’s the time to start creating video content for LinkedIn!

Are you convinced yet? If you’re already creating a video for social platforms, now is the time, add LinkedIn to your overall video content strategy—the space is wide open with limited competition, and you jump right in without having to pay-to-play.

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Special thanks to Kevin Kolbe. He’s an online video marketing specialist, producer, storyteller, and creative dude who heads up Kevin Kolbe Media, LLC. Find out more: