YouTube is by far one of the most used video social platforms (I bet you have watched a video in the last 24hrs!). More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day – we get to live experiences through them, find answers to questions, meet and understand new people, brands, and products. How are you using YouTube for your business? Are you using it?

On the last several “Video Marketing Tip Series” we talked about how Facebook is a powerful platform to utilize for marketing videos. Today we will start with YouTube and dive into how your business can and SHOULD be using it!

At Your Local Studio, we certainly recommend to upload videos and build a channel on YouTube for your company and we want to show you why you should start thinking about it. Here are the main 4 reasons why you should consider it as part of your overall video strategy (and, of course, watch the video above for more details!):

  • Reason # 1: It’s free, it works well and everyone is already using it. We don’t really have to tell you how popular YouTube is, but just to remind you that since it is owned by Google – making it the second largest search engine that’s out there – it’s consistently growing. Another reason: its many features and tools. Its multi-bitrate streaming works great, they provide closed captioning options and basic analytics. You don’t have to pay anything, so if you’re between simply hosting it on your own site or uploading to YouTube, go for YouTube, it’s free and it has all those tools you may need. Of course, there are other paid options that are even better for businesses – such as Wistia or Vimeo –  but, hey, YouTube has everything you need and it’s the best free choice.
  • Reason # 2: It builds awareness and credibility. Two ways to do this: you can either entertain or educate through your YouTube videos. People are always looking for answers on Google, and because of Reason #1, YouTube videos are right there ready to give an answer. In your own industry, you should be there with your YouTube video when someone needs help: solving customer questions or problems is a really smart way of showing your expertise.

You can also create funny viral videos that people love, even when it’s hard to connect direct sales numbers to the video, it can definitely increase overall brand awareness.

  • Reason # 3: it can show off your team and your brand personality. Have you ever heard about vlogging? People vlog about themselves to show how they live, what they think or like. And the audience loves that: having that open window in private lives! It works the same for companies, especially personal brands. For example, you could use YouTube videos to vlog about your daily/weekly/monthly projects/endeavors as a company, interactions among team members. That human connection takes away the old faceless organization and opens up your company for increasing like and trust!
  • Reason # 4: it builds community. If you can build and show your personality on YouTube, your real self, people will want to follow you and be part of your community. Again, it’s all about that human connection we mentioned before. Areas like cosmetics/makeup, gaming/entertainment, general lifestyle, and entrepreneurship have very strong communities already on YouTube you can tap into. But even if your business is not related to those areas, you can still use their social features to cultivate a community.

So there we go 4 reasons why you should either start (or restart) your YouTube channel for your brand and some tips for doing it!

Are you already on YouTube? We would love to see what you’re producing and new tips for making the most of it! Please leave your YouTube channel name and if you have some tips that are working for you and your company.

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